Store Tour

Knowledge is power!

Grocery Food Store Tours will teach you how to:

  • Stock a healthy and recipe friendly pantry to make meals in minutes (list provided)
  • What to look for when selecting delicious, seasonal produce
  • Learn how to store and maintain your produce
  • Where to put your dollars when buying organic foods
  • Read labels and how to avoid unhealthy ingredients like  sugar, sodium, preservatives, artificial colorings and flavoring, and hormones so you can make the healthiest food choices possible
  • Understanding the different labels and certifications (i.e. Irradiated, Biodynamic, Natural, Conventional, USA Certified Organic vs. Organic, Humanely Raised, Grass-Fed, Cage-Free vs. Free-Range, etc…)
  • Short-cuts/ideas to putting healthy meals together in minutes
  • Condiments and spices that make the meal!
  • Many Genetically modified foods (GMO”S) are not labeled—find out how to avoid them

     Tours are offered at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Kings, Stop-n-Shop and      are an hour long

     Individual store tours are $99 or can be added on to any class for $89.

     Semi-private tours are also available for two ppl at $45 and four or more at $25 pp.

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