Health Coach


People often ask "What Are The Benefits of Working With A Certified Holistic Health Coach"?

First ask yourself this question…are you taking your health for granted?

In our culture, people spend significant amounts of money on vacations, traveling, cars, electronics, jewelry, clothing, home décor and many other things, but are more reluctant when it comes to investing in their health and well being.

Lets face it…it doesn’t matter how wonderful your life is, regardless of how or what it is that defines “ having it all”, if you don’t have your health, you ultimately have nothing!

America’s health care system is all about “trying” to fix the problem after it happens.

Many times, unfortunately, then it’s too late. It is projected that four trillion dollars will be spent on health care this year and only two percent on preventative health care.

Investing in your health is priceless!  One of the most effective ways to do that today is working with a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach. Doctors are not trained in nutrition or healthy lifestyle habits. They are trained and educated to prescribe various medications in order to mask the pain from an illness after you already have it. Many also specialize in different types of surgery. Sometimes that is necessary, but many times the illness or surgery could have been prevented if a person knew what foods to eat, how to manage their stress and practiced some form of consistent exercise. That is what certified a holistic nutrition and health coach teaches you to do.That is why more and more doctors are teaming up with health coaches today, because they too realize the value and support a well trained (certified) health coach can offer their patients.

A professional Certified Holistic Health Coach (HNHC):

  1. Saves time. Who has time to spend countless hours trying to demystify the ever changing world of nutrition and health? 
  2. Gives you step-by–step guidance on how to improve your eating habits by teaching you to understand what foods work best for your body.
  3. Shows you ways to make self-care and self-love a priority when there are not enough hours in the day.
  4. Will help you improve and/or increase your energy levels.
  5. Teaches you how to create better sleep habits in order to reach a more quality sleep.
  6. Advises you on what skin care products are safest for you and your family. Your skin is your largest organ; so what you put on it makes a huge impact on your health. Many safer, more effective items like avocado, yogurt and honey are already in your pantry and refrigerator, and are far less costly than what you pay for in department stores. There are very lax regulations regarding skin-care products in the US. Other countries ban many of the ingredients that are used in everyday US skin care products.
  7. Tells you how to avoid GMO’s, toxic environmental products.
  8. Explains why and how managing stress is vital to ones health.

Knowledge is power when it comes to your health. Let me help empower you to live your best life yet!