Kim is fantastic to work with.  She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and is extremely supportive, not judgmental.  I have worked with Kim for the past month and a half and have lost 10 pounds.  More importantly, I feel better, have more energy and a better quality of life.  She has provided me with tools so I can make better choices and decisions on an ongoing basis.  I highly recommend Kim for anyone looking to get healthy. - Mitch T.


It was in January 2013 when I met Kim, she helped me to simplify my life.  From Health & Nutrition to Stress Management & Balance as well as Spirituality & Personal Growth.  I needed a little push to reconnect and Kim helped me "REDISCOVER". - Stephanie


My name is Kelly. I am 49 years old and going through menopause. I have been working with Kim for four months and lost over 20 pounds. The best part is, I feel better than I have in years and have learned the best type of foods to eat for my body as well as lifestyle habits that are really helpful! Kim is teaching me so much about nutrition, she is my life coach and confidant. I highly recommend her!  - Kelly


Kim Hinderliter, holistic nutritionist and founder of Taste for Nutrition, has designed a program that offers an incredible education.  She begins by taking a health history so that she has a picture of the client from the inside out.  Then we are asked to share our food habits. As someone who has been a member of Weight Watchers for many years and a Lifetime Member for the last ten, I thought I had learned a great deal.  If Weight Watchers is college, then the knowledge gained through Taste for Nutrition is graduate school.  And, this program doesn't just say "do this".  At the twice-monthly meetings (I call them training sessions), topics such as "sugar", "chewing", "glorious greens" and many others are discussed. Kim gives recipes for real live, honest-to-goodness food using the actual ingredients she recommends!  And, they taste great!!  Who knew quinoa could be so good? At 65, and 5'3, I lost six pounds.  My Fat % decreased by 3 points, my BMI went from 25.5 to 24.5, and my Blood Pressure went from 137/98 to 125/97.  The changes in other measurements were very gratifying--who doesn't want to see a shapelier silhouette in the mirror--but these numbers are the really important ones. It works. It is life-changing.  Knowledge is power! Nancy


Although I knew a lot about nutrition before working with Kim, she helped me make the mind/body connection so that I could enjoy a wide range of foods, but also meet my weight loss goals. She helped me understand portions and provided great recipes, shopping lists and introduced me to a variety of healthy options of foods that I loved. For example, I crave salty/crunchy foods so she would provide healthy options to satisfy these cravings.  I am fifty now and weigh close to what I did in college! I also like her tailored approach to nutrition. I wanted to do a follow up program and she is providing that maintenance. I did not feel like I was on a diet, but truly have altered my eating habits with the long-term approach to better food choices.” - Karen, after completing a six month Taste For Nutrition program


Learning how to eat right, implement healthy lifestyle choices, manage stress and incorporate exercise are the ingredients that create long-term success! These are the tools that are taught at Taste For Nutrition. Sara


I was always an avid exerciser but couldn’t seem to lose weight or keep it off.  The Deflate Your Weight Challenge was the key to my weight loss success because it combined exercise with nutritional guidance.  Kim, from Taste For Nutrition opened my eyes to so many new and delicious foods.  By adding more of these healthy options into my diet, my body started craving them.  I never thought I’d ever crave brussel sprouts-but I do! Combining the nutritional tools I learned from Kim, I was able to lose 21 pounds in 7 weeks.  Today I eat more, weigh less and feel amazing! Christine