Kim Hinderliter is a Natural Foods Chef, Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, wife, and mother of three. Originally from Westchester, NY, Kim now resides in Westfield, NJ.

Kim’s Education/Training/Certifications:

  • Culinary Degree from nationally accredited Natural Gourmet Institute of the Culinary Arts in New York City.

  • Board Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (worlds largest holistic nutrition School)

  • Four Year Bachelor of Arts degree from Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ

  • Board certificate in Holistic Heath Coaching, SUNY/Purchase

  • Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

  • Board Certified by the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)

  • Master Gardeners Program Rutgers University


Kim decided to become a health coach and chef to fulfill her long-time passion for food, nutrition, fitness and health. After looking at different nutrition programs,  she knew she wanted to enroll in the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, a school that would educate her to look at the whole picture for her clients health. She also wanted a program that taught her about more than just carbs, protein and fats! Holistic nutrition (which is based on Eastern medicine that has been successful for thousands of years) looks at how one body part or organ correlates with the health of the whole person. There are many components that go into creating good health, which include, whole foods nutrition, stress management, exercise, social support (family, friendships), career satisfaction and spirituality. When these elements are ignored, people become ill or develop chronic conditions.  Individuals need to start looking at the whole picture if they want to live healthy, long lives and that is why holistic is continuing to  grow in popularity. People are finally realizing all the merits of mind body nutrition and how it is the solution to overall wellness. 

After working with many clients over the years, Kim then decided to enroll in The Natural Gourmet Institute of the Culinary Arts (NGICA-the country’s only fully accredited natural foods culinary school). People are so busy today that many have forgotten the importance of selecting ingredients  and creating a nourishing meal, something Kim has always been very passionate about. The kitchen is the heart of the home. For her, many of her best memories have always been surrounded by food, family and friends. Getting clients back in their own kitchens, changing their relationship with food and eating with their families have been one of the most gratifying things for her as a health coach. Therefore, Kim wanted to deepen her knowledge so she could share that passion and start offering cooking classes as well. She not only learned the culinary skills but more specifically increased her knowledge on how to cook various health supportive foods,  medicinal foods, cleansing foods and overcoming food sensitivities. Now she can further support and advise her clients on how to make cooking a priority in their own homes. Her philosophy is simple. Food should be fresh, whole and made with love! It should also be flavorful and satisfying because life is too short not to eat well! 

Kim's clientele includes women and men who want to make permanent change to create better health, increase longevity, lose weight, overcome sugar cravings, alleviate sleep issues, eliminate hormonal imbalances and learn how delicious real food can be!. When Kim is not helping people achieve better health and happier lives, she enjoys cooking for family and friends, working in her organic vegetable garden, reading, paddle boarding, kayaking and spending time at the beach